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Registering to use all parts of Renewables Map

Due to the huge amount of data now available and the work involved in adding and maintaining Renewables Map is moving to subscription.

The 1st years fees are:

  • £100 for unrestricted browsing access to Wind, the same for  Solar and £60 for waste.
  • Or £500 each for the above, £300 for waste  which will include full access to csv downloads.
  • Then £500 for the csv downloads for Wind turbine locations (over 11,000 turbine locations) .

The database is being continually updated with exact locations and status.

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There is also a commitment from you that all data extracted from Renewables Map will be for internal use and not used to generate a publicly available resource that shows this data in a structured form. Should this be within your requirements, please talk to me.

Renewables map has become the main source of accurate information on renewable energy projects in the United Kingdom. It provides accurate location data for:

  • Over 1,000 solar farms, active, agreed and planned. 900 Active
  • Over 1,000 wind farms, 622 Active.
  • Exact location data for over 11,000 Individual Wind Turbines, including
    • make
    • model
    • elevation
    • capacity
    • hub height
  • All mapped on any of Google, Bing or OS maps.
  • Cross referenced to over 600 different developers, operators, owners, consultants, contractors
  • Also cross referenced to DECC REPD datasets and OFGEM Datasets including ROC and REGO
  • Selectable by county , developer, operator, make/model.
  • Generation of csv downloads
  • FIT data displayed on the map (OFGEM provide the raw data as a download)
  • Larger Maps with data suitable for printing
  • Ongoing updates

It is developing to include

Multiple select by just about all data

Data Downloads

Stored maps

Virtual Projects Mapped

Maintaining private data

Maintaining public data