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CSV Dowloads based on DECC data cross referenced to Renewables Map and OFGEM

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csv downloads can be generated based on RM, DECC or OFGEM data

based on DECC data

based on OFGEM data

based on RM data

based on Wind Turbine data .

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DECC Data RM Data OFGEM Data Wind Farm Data
DECC Name: Project Name: Site Name: Turbine Capacity:
DECC Ref No: RM Ref No: REGO Ref: Make/Model:
  Status :   Hub Height:
DECC Capacity: Capacity: capacity: Turbines:
(Format issues) DECC Address: Address : Site Address:  
DECC Technology: Postcode: Operator Address: DECC No.Turbines:
Commission Date: Lat / Long: Commission Date: DECC Max Height:
      Decc Turbine Capacity:

Regenerates basic csv data from above selection.

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