Interactive Map of Renewable and Alternative Energy Projects in the UK

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Listings of major renewable and alternative energy projects in the United Kingdom.
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Wind Farms: Lists major wind farms and individual wind turbines. The listing is largely broken down by wind famrs that have individual names at that time. You will also see similar names showing such as phase II, phase III for teh same location. Some schems have multiple name - quite a challenge in avoiding double counting. sAlso, with some of the major schemes, smaller named schemes are included within the major scheme. This normally occurs with the major offshore wind farm plans.

Hydro Schemes: This is all schemes that generate power from water onshore. At the moment this includes pumped storage schemes, though these could be regarded as big batteries. It is likley that in the coming years the designation will have to be split to recognise Hydro in the sense of new energy and pumped storage.

Wave and Tidal Schemes: Generally anything that generates energy through the movement of water off-shore. These are likely to expand as Crown Estates allow development off-shore, grant schemes make it viable, the cost of oil goes up and the technology improves!

Biomass: Is largely defined as where a power station is run on a specific bio fuel. This is usually wood; straw; chicken dung.

Waste: Is listed seperate to biomass, waste is generally categorised as the generation of energy from mixed waste where the waste would otherwise be disposed to landfill, equally, waste includes methane from landfill.

CHP: Is included as it can be regarded as an alternative energy in that it is a highly effective use of existing energy generation.

Solar Energy: When the map started there were few solar schemes listed, these were small. Since 2011 and the availability of feed in tariffs for Solar PV there has been a growth in large scale solar farms, I am aiming to list all projects in excess of 1MW.

FIT by Local Authority: While each domestic installation is very small compared to the projects normall ycovered here, when accumulated they make up a significant part of the UK's renewable energy generation. At the end of 2012, this was in the order of 500MW! The site shows each local authority area, with the total number of solar PV installs that are registered to the FIT scheme. An average install of of 2kW is assumed.

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