Interactive Map of Renewable and Alternative Energy Projects in the UK

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Hello user.

This is a bit of information about the data that I collect, mostly the data that you are looking at and a bit about the data I collect about your use of the system.

Starting with your data. I use Google Analytics which gives a broad view of use. I expect it puts a cookie on your computer so it can record if you re-visit.

I record your IP number. This identifies your ISP. This might be an IP number associated with a commercial ISP such as Orange, EE, BT, or it might be your company or organisation. I then look up that IP to see where you have come from. This doesn't identify you, just the organisation.

Why? Well, it shows that ALL the main energy companies, ALL local authorities and Universities, most of the major industrials routinely use renewables map. I started recording thisi data back in February 2014, it has been a revelation as to the extent of use. A visit might just be out of interest, daily use shows the renewables map is actually quite important.

Where does the data on the map come from?

The renewables map is the only national map that identifies the exact location of projects and generators. Others show the postcode location which can be some miles away from the correct place. Where a project comes to my attention I do a web searchj and identify location, details, status, news and whatever about it. Invariably the source of the data is listed along with the project.

Our aim is to continually improve this resource. If you can provide additional information such as relevant links, perhaps the status of the project, please use the form below.

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