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Renewable Energy in the UK - FAQs


Renewables Map Frequent;ly Asked Questions

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How Often is Renewables Map updated.

The simplest answer , is almost daily. Its an ongoing task, both in a structured way and ad-hoc.

Structured: There are other resources, the two that are clearly in the public domain, OFGEM and RESTATS are updated to Renewables Map on a monthly basis, these are then cross referenced between each other through the Renewables Map dataset.

This is semi manual as OFGEM and RESTATS will use different project names, capacities, addresses. Neither provide the exact location, Renewables Map is unique in providing this data.

Ad-Hoc: This data is gained through following the news, developers websites, anything that crops up when looking at a particular projects and associated with any other project.

The following is taken from the database and shows the rate of data being added and updated.

How Accurate is Renewables Map

Renewables Map ius easily the most accurate resource for location and technology information, in particular wind. It is teh only resource that approaches 100% coverage for all wind farms over 500kW showing exact location of project and individual wind turbines, make & model, elevation, hub heights and capacity.

Where does this data comes from

The data is largely taken from planning applications where locations are clearly shown on application maps. Other resources include developer's and installer's web sites, news and suppliers.