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Please note that the DECC and OFGEM data is normally the single most recent record that is associated with this project. This is to avoid multiuple lines of data for each Renewables Map project . eg Carno will show a single DECC or or OFGEM record where in fact there is Carno A, Carno B and Carno 3 . To list based on multiple DECC or OFGEM records, see corresponding csv data output routines.

RM Data DECC Data OFGEM Data Wind Farm Data
Project Name: DECC Name: Site Name: Turbine Capacity:
RM Ref No: DECC Ref No: REGO Ref: Make/Model:
Status :     Hub Height:
Capacity: DECC Capacity: capacity: Turbines:
Address : DECC Address: Site Address: Turbine Diameter :
Postcode:   Operator Address:  
Lat / Long:      
Live Date: Commission Date: Commission Date:  
County:     Country: DECC No.Turbines:    
Updated: DECC Max Height:    

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You can download the data as csv (Comma Seperated Variables) or kml (Keyhole Markup Language). After choosing what to download based on selection, Confirm / Regenerate that list and when ready, at the end of the summary data listing, click to download. Full download only available to subscribers.
Regenerates csv data from above selection.

Regenerates KML (Project name, selected RM data, lat long)

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