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Site Name: Llynfi Renewable Energy Park, Land at Mynydd Caerau     24 MW
Energy Type: Wind Onshore
County: Neath Port Talbot     Country: Wales     LPA: Neath Port Talbot Council
Site ID and Reference: 4656 / EN00264     District:
Applicant: John Laing Environmental Assets Group     Application : P2010/1148 (Go to search to find Application)
For Wind Farms  
Number of Turbines: 12 Turbine Capacity: 2
Height of Turbines: Calculated capacity: 24
Site Address: Glyncorrwg and Gelli Mountain , Croeserw , Neath and Port Talbot
  SA13 3NN
County: Neath Port Talbot Region: Wales
OS Coordinates: 287930 / 287930
Development Status: Operational
Application Submitted: 11/15/2010 Planning Permission Granted
Application Determined: Permission refused: 4/3/2012
Construction Date: 5/27/2016    
Generator Live 9/14/2017 This Record Last Updated: 10/5/2017
RO Banding (ROC/MWh) FiT Tariff (p/kWh):
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Application Withdrawn:    
Permission Expiration Date:    
Secretary of State - Appeal Lodged:
Called In: Appeal Withdrawn:
Refusal: Appeal Refused:
Granted: Appeal Granted: 4/3/2012

Caution: Please note that the location is taken directly from the DECC data. It is often based on the postcode so cannot be regarded as accurate. Postcodes used can be some miles, often the farm house location, from the project location. Go direct to Renewables Map Project data for Llynfi Renewable Energy Park, Land at Mynydd Caerau